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Welcome to the Center

Cerebrovascular disease is the leading cause of adult disability and the second leading cause of dementia. The important interaction of age with cerebrovascular disease means that more strokes are occurring each year as the population ages, even though primary risk factors for stroke are coming under better control. Learn More >

Latisha Katie Ali, MD
Project Leader, Project 3
Director, UCLA TeleStroke Program,
Assistant Professor, UCLA Neurology

S. Thomas Carmichael, MD, PhD
Center Director,
Project Leader, Project 2

VIce Chair & Professor, UCLA Neurology

Bruce H. Dobkin, MD
Project Leader, Project 2
Professor UCLA Clinical Neurology,
Director, Neurologic Rehabilitation & Research Program,
Co-Director, Wireless Health Institute

David S. Liebeskind, MD
Training Director
Director, UCLA Stroke Center,
Associate Director, Stroke Imaging Program

Roberta A. Rey, PhD
Collaborative Adminsitrative Coordinator
Administrative Director, Stroke Prevention/Intervention Research Program in Health Disparities (SPIRP)

Jeffrey L. Saver, MD
Professor, UCLA Neurology
Director, UCLA Stroke Center

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